Computation offloading

Potential title: Towards an intelligent and dynamic computation offloading methodology in the Cloud-to-Edge ecosystem
Summary: Over the last few years, Cloud-to-Edge Computing has emerged as a new paradigm that extends cloud model to address the quintessential need of IoT systems in terms of simultaneous access to heterogeneous local as well as multi-cloud computational resources to achieve high-bandwidth, geographically dispersed processing, ultra-low latency, privacy, etc. However, this new paradigm still faces many challenges in terms of management of resources and computation across the multi-administrative cloud-to-edge resource stack. This project aimed to focus on one such problem called computational offloading — a process of migrating computation from one place to another. The scope of this project can include many related things but the key idea is to develop a policy engine that determines whether to offload or not, when to offload, what to offload and where to offload, and then executing the offloading action.

Amjad Ullah, Ph.D.
Amjad Ullah, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Software Engineering

My research interests include Distributed systems, Cloud computing, Edge computing, Internet of Things, and Intelligent systems.