Potential title: A utility to analyse the performance and behaviour of large-scale microservice systems in cloud environments
Summary: Over the last few years, microservices-based systems gain a lot of popularity. This is due to many of its inherent advantages such as loosely-coupled architecture, speedy delivery, flexibility, ease of scalability. Understanding the performance and behaviour of various microservices that are part of a large-scale system is important so that efficient deployment and scaling policies can be formulated. The project is aimed to develop such a utility that facilitate various functions to understand the behaviour and analyse the performance of micro-services of a large-scale system to highlight: (1) the important metrics that can be further consider to formulate scaling policies, (2) the micro-service that could be the bottleneck, etc.

Amjad Ullah, Ph.D.
Amjad Ullah, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Software Engineering

My research interests include Distributed systems, Cloud computing, Edge computing, Internet of Things, and Intelligent systems.