Root cause localization

Potential title: Towards a comparative analysis and evaluation framework for root cause localization in large-scale microservice systems
Summary: Over the last few years, microservices-based systems gain a lot of popularity. This is due to many of its inherent advantages such as loosely-coupled architecture, speedy delivery, flexibility, ease of scalability. However, for a large-scale system that consist of many inter-dependent microservices, it becomes extremely difficult to analyse the behaviour and troubleshoot to identify the source of problems – A process called root cause localization. This project is aimed to develop a research-oriented framework (tool) for the comparative analysis of existing research works for the root cause localization problem.

Amjad Ullah, Ph.D.
Amjad Ullah, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Software Engineering

My research interests include Distributed systems, Cloud computing, Edge computing, Internet of Things, and Intelligent systems.