Serverless architecture

Potential title: Towards a comparative analysis and evaluation framework for root cause localization in large-scale microservice systems
Summary: Over the last few years, serverless execution model emerged as a new promising paradigm, which gave birth to a myriad of different open-source serverless platforms such as OpenFaaS, Fission, Knative, OpenWhisk, Fn. This project aims to carry out a detailed comparative evaluation of such platforms. The key objectives of this project include but not limited to: (1) To explore and identify a number of key metrics that will be used for evaluation, (2) To build a testbed that will be used for evaluation, (3) To identify and use (or build) a suitable benchmark application that will be used for application, (4) To carry out a set of experiments for evaluation, analyse results and presents finding …

Amjad Ullah, Ph.D.
Amjad Ullah, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Software Engineering

My research interests include Distributed systems, Cloud computing, Edge computing, Internet of Things, and Intelligent systems.