Computation offloading

Image credit: Flaticon

PhD Researcher: Jaber Pournazari

Offloading in the edge-to-cloud compute continuum presents several challenges from both communication and computation perspective. For example, on the one hand, transferring big volumes of data to the cloud can be difficult, especially when there is insufficient and unreliable network bandwidth, hence affecting the overall performance of the system. While on the other hand, edge devices, which suffer from low resources, may be utilised in tasks with low power processing requirements, which need to develop an overwhelmed methodology to make a balance among these fluctuations in network and resources, offloading mechanisms from edge-to-cloud. This research aims to investigate existing work on computation offloading, and introduce novel intelligent methods to improve the overall reconfiguration capabilities of orchestration solutions considering the offloadin function in the edge-to-cloud compute continuum.

Amjad Ullah, Ph.D.
Amjad Ullah, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Software Engineering

My research interests include Distributed systems, Cloud computing, Edge computing, Internet of Things, and Intelligent systems.